Saturday, December 31, 2016

NYE: Here's to a Hopeful 2017

Cheers to a challenging 2016, a year speckled with both grief and gratitude. This will be a year I will never forget. 

So many seeds planted, so many fruits stolen away. In these moments I am reminded of the cold harsh reality of life, of nature, of death. 

Yet even in these darker spaces there is still room for hope. Still enough space for light. In the moments when my grief would eclipse my hope, it was still there, hidden, obscured, but there. In 2017 I hope this process of uncovering continues. I know it will not be easy. That the deep work of Pluto and loss cuts and leaves scars. 

Yet there is beauty here too. In the pain and scars there is the carving out of our character and the sharpening of our living senses. I am learning that hope is not something we have "in" something. Like hope in the goodness of humanity, but rather something that stands alone. We hope for hope's sake. Hope, like faith, just is. 

I pray to feel this hope throughout every cell in my body. That 2017 is the year for hope's return. 

Sending light and love and blessings and the return of hope in 2017.



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