Thursday, September 18, 2014

40 Days of Seva: No Minimum Donation for 40 Days

There are many ways an organization can give back to their community. In December of 2013 Sky House launched its Seva (a Sanskrit word meaning self-less service) Sunday program, opening all Sunday yoga classes to the public with no minimum donation. Over the last nine months we've seen such a positive response that our team of teachers and staff have decided to open the donation scale for all our yoga classes for 40 days!

This means that there is no minimum donation to take any Sky House yoga class from September 8 - October 17th.  We hope this opens the door for more people to take yoga, and for our current students to take more classes.

We love our donation model which holds space for each individual to contribute what they can. Those with more can donate more, and those with less can donate less. In the end, things always seem to balance out :)

Also, with our wedding coming up in less than 30 days (Eek! We are so excited!) we thought it would be a nice way to give back while we are receiving so much.

Class registration details are listed below. We expect classes to fill pretty early so please register early. We thank you for standing by us over the years and we hope this 40 Day gift will inspire more yoga practice and community!

Much Love,

Visit and click on our Yoga page to find the class schedule.