Monday, February 17, 2014

The "Teaching Tips" Project

After several months of practice, and many hours of false starts, I finally made it into the illusive Pinchamayurasana, WITHOUT the wall. Hurray! This was a huge moment for me and I wanted to share it with my Facebook friends who were following me as I attempted to perfect this pose. One day during our yoga teacher training program at Sky House the students pulled out their cameras and we all started filming each other practicing our favorite challenging postures.

That evening I had an idea. What if I film some of my favorite yoga teaching tips and share this with my facebook and online community? I am pretty sure that most people are not interested in seeing me "do" the pose. They are interested in seeing if THEY can do the pose and many teachers out there are interested in learning new tips for helping their students.

So my "Teaching Tips" project was born! Every Tuesday will be posting a new teaching tip related to yoga and herbal medicine. The hope is that these short 3 - 5 minute clips will give teachers and students a new nugget of information to consider when teaching. So far my teaching tips have been specific to a single yoga asana (posture) and I plan to expand this to general teaching tips for wellness practitioners. Coming up I have a few episodes on mudras, assisting, meditation, and plant spirit herbs I often work with, and tips for keeping your teaching fresh!

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Here are a few of my previous Teaching Tip Posts. Let me know what you think and anything else you would like to see!

With Love,