Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everyday Plants for Power: Using Plant Medicines for Health & Personal Power

Many people ask me about my favorite plants.  That would be like asking a chef what their favorite dish is, or a chemist about their favorite element.  In my world plants are like friends and as I mature it is less about favorites and more about knowing the unique qualities and gifts of each of these important friends.

Over the years it has happened very naturally that I've made better friends with some plants than others.  This does not mean that they are my favorites, it just means that like a chemist or chef, I am more familiar with the intricacies of them because of a natural affinity I have toward them.  At the same time I always have my eye on the periphery of the circle in hopes that a new friend will find her way in.

In this video I cover the very basics of working with plants and how we can use our natures to better understand the natures of plants. From here we can walk beside plants in a way that goes beyond understanding just their chemical properties. I hope you enjoy this video and perhaps you will meet a few new friends who you feel a natural affinity toward :)

Live Green...Love Green...Heal Green...