Sunday, February 17, 2013

Co-Creating A Community

It is amazing to reflect on the past year and to see the growth, the joy, and the community that has arisen since the birth of Sky House in January of 2012. From the early days of visioning this space at Abby's breakfast table to my current seat in the Deep Green Apothecary, so much has happened.  And it happened because people believed in what we are doing.

This month Sky House is kicking off our first annual donation fundraiser. We are partnering with Nightlight Astrology in hopes to raise money so we can continue to offer donation-based programs, workshops, classes, and fund some new projects.

We've been doing some big visioning over these winter months.  Our largest projects are setting aside money for scholarships for our yoga teacher training and herbal apprenticeship programs, setting up our new student herbal clinic to provide herbal services free of charge, the production of training materials, and new herbal brewing equipment.

This year our goal is to raise $10,000. Each year we are able to offer our donation based rates to those who can't afford full prices because of the generosity of our clients who can afford to donate more. We hope you'll check out our offerings and contribute whatever you can toward our 2013 goals. Like a seed loves every drop of water, we are grateful for any amount that you can contribute! Some people donate $100 and others donate $10, we acknowledge every contribution and know that every bit helps!

We are ever thankful for your support and we hope to keep offering the highest quality holistic services in the most down to earth, warm and homey ways!

We look forward to continuing to offer unique and soul-centered workshops, events, training programs and more. Thanks for being a part of what we do!!

To donate visit this link to our directions & donate tab and check out our thank you gifts.

Much Love,
Ashley Litecky
Director/Co-founder of Sky House Yoga