Thursday, June 11, 2015

Savasana Anytime, Anywhere!

We all love savasana. Some say it is their favorite pose or the 'real' reason they come to a yoga class. 

But why should savasana only be limited to a 3-7 minute span, once a week, at the end of a yoga session?

In our house we have this thing called "floor time." It is exactly what it sounds like. At certain points throughout the day Adam and I will announce that it is floor time and we will lie on the floor on our backs for a good 3-5 minutes, stretch out, take some deep breaths, space out, and stare at the ceiling. Sometimes the dogs are with us enjoying their own floor time along side us and sometimes one of us is still walking around or in a chair while the other is sprawled out across the carpet or grass zoning out. I feel like it is one of the healthiest practices that we share during our busy work weeks for our minds and our bodies.

If you do a little research you will find that in most traditional societies people lay down on their backs several times a day. They take 5-10 minutes to enjoy the firm support of the earth under their backs and have a mid-afternoon siesta or an after dinner snooze while watching the sunset. This position is also the best for star gazing, cloud watching, and daydreaming. All critical to our brains biorhythms and our deeper mental health.

Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that sleeping on your back is the healthiest position for our skeleton, nervous system, and organs. Dr. Oz agrees as does Dr. Michael Breus, known as “The Sleep Doctor,” that a supine position puts the least amount of strain on the joints and is the best position for achieving deep states of sleep.

So if you get an itch to shift your position, change your perspective, relax and space out for a bit, take some "floor time" or better yet, "earth time." Savasana is no longer just something we do on a yoga mat but should be taken out into the world to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. I believe laying down throughout the day in this way is good for the mind, body, and as the yogi's believe, the soul.


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