Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sugar Free = Happy Gums!

This afternoon I went to my dentist for my 6-month cleaning and after she did all of her tests she was amazed at how healthy my gums were!  Over the last few years my 'gum numbers' (the mm of inflammation that they measure from the tooth to the gum line) have been increasing.  If you are familiar with this tracking method, you are always happy to hear 1, 2, or 3's.  In the last few years my number of 4's were increasing, not good!

So today, when I went for my check up, I told my dentist that I took sugar out of my diet and that now when I floss there is NO BLEEDING!  I really like my dentist so it was really excited to share this with her.  So sure enough, she did her tests and my gum numbers were down and I had a 30% decrease in gum bleeding!  The only change I have made from my last visit is the removal of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.  I am pretty sure it is the sugar that made this shift!  She made the comment, "wow, so if sugar is inflaming your gums, imagine what it is doing to the rest of your body,"  excellent point good doctor, excellent point.

So next time you floss, think about how happy your gums will be if there is no sugar causing them to inflame and how happy your teeth will be to not have sugar to break down your enamel!

Hope that motivates you toward another day of sugar free living!  I am off to smile my big happy gummed smile!! Yay!

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